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"I’ to anyway," she said

Pa ht expedition Martha had gone on Even though the temperature had been in the nineties when the hike started, Sheriff had pushed the girls as usual As usual, Martha was at the back of the pack Pa of a headache, but Sheriff just told her "less whining, , he threatened to deht Martha said that her head hurt and her feet felt all tingly," Paet worried And it only got worse She started to get all spacey I went to Sheriff’s tent and told him about Martha, but he just told me to "

"That sounds like him Was she better?"

"Worse She could hardly eat the measly breakfast and she see slower than ever I knew so back with her, just wanting to get her down the mountain and to the infir hot Martha started to lose it, babbling, and calling me Anita"

"That’s her sister’s naet Sheriff He was totally annoyed but he followed me back to where I’d left Martha, and she’d just kind of cru He kept yelling at her to wake up, get off her fat ass and stuff like that But she didn’t move"

"Oh my God Is she okay?"

"I don’t know I’m pretty sure she’s still at the hospital now"

"The hospital?" My stoht throw up

"That’s where they took her And that was just because we all gathered around Sheriff and Martha and started freaking out and yelling at hiot on the walkie-talkie I heard she’s been in a coma since then I’m really sorry to have to tell you this"

My eyes welled up "Please don’t," Pah not unkindly "We’re not supposed to talk about this, and if anyone finds out I told you, I could get in big trouble Please don’t cry"

I wiped et you in trouble," I said "But theyto find out what happened to her, what they did"

"They’ve already figured out how to cover their tracks You think Red Rock is gonna take the bla to blame Martha Blaht, I didn’t have any proble I stole into the hall and when I saw the guard was asleep, I made my way to Bebe’s room "Wake up," I whispered, my hand over Bebe’s mouth I beckoned her to follow et Cassie I’ for V"

"But she’s under heavy surveillance"

"It doesn’t o I’d crept through these halls like some kind of stalked prey, this ti wherever there was a ca place in the fake plant next to Clayton’s office and uard was nowhere to be seen I knehat I was doing was dangerous, could getRed Rock for months But none of that seemed toas he could And Martha needed us

V see

She ide awake on her cot, as though expecting h theof her door, she slipped out of bed I unlocked the door, and V fell into step silently next to roup asseo, what the staff at Red Rock was so desperately trying to cover up

"Martha’s in the hospital In a coasped in horror And then I told thes I’d found out since then What I didn’t tell theer seemed relevant

"Get this, you knohy Sheriff says Martha passed out?" I asked

"Heat stroke, dehydration, exhaustion," V suggested

"Those would be the obvious reasons No, he’s telling everyone that Martha is anorexic and has been starving herself for weeks now"

"That is such a load of crap," V said

"Of course it is But rat-fink Tiffany backed hi food in her sock and Tiffany told Sheriff that too So now he’s telling everyone who asks that Martha is a victi food There’s going to be an announcement tomorrow at breakfast"