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"I think we have to go back out there," Jed said

"What should we play?" Denise asked

"I dunno," Jed said "That was our entire set"

"I know You guys go out and play so withoutout there, it’s for all of us We’ll just do a cover"

"Covers are a cop-out" Clod did covers at practices, for fun, but we never played them at live shows It was a point of pride with us "I have an idea," I said "Okay guys, listen It’s a straight G, D, A minor Ballady If I start, can you just fall in? It’s pretty basic"

"G, D, A ot it?" he nodded to Denise

"And slowish, Erik I know you like speed but this one’s quiet Use your brushes"

"Got it Mellow"

I went out on the stage and picked upis for my Sisters And for uys?" And then I started stru, and as always Jed picked up the riff, followed by Denise and Erik, and it was like we all knew the song, like we’d always played it After I finished, the audience was on its feet, stae

"Is it just ushed

"It wasn’t just you," Jed said quietly "This was special"

Afterward, we loaded up and, just like old tied ourselves I ordered blueberry pancakes, a burger and fries, a shake, and of course endless cups of coffee Maybe it was the show or my nerves, or maybe Denny’s food tasted unbelievably delicious after six ht out hed, but then they see you in there?" Denise said

"Hirl always could pack away her body weight in food," Erik said "But chill with the coffee or you won’t sleep"

"I don’t care We’re not allowed coffee in that place Can you iine sixyou in there Isn’t there so coffee?" Like most people from Portland, Denise took her caffeine addiction very seriously

"I wish," I said

"So this Denny’s swill non of java," I adood coffee Dude, it ot," Erik said

"A at ht me up on all the latest news on the Clod-front After the Indian Suon and Washington, in clubs, even in so for other bands A couple of indie labels were talking about le, or ot back,for a replacement "We make a decent trio," Denise said "But we’re better as a fourso up his cup

Around two, Denise and Erik started yawning Denise pointed to her watch "We should probably get soht?" I asked We often napped in the back of the van before driving on after a show

"Nah Next stop is Spokane, which is miles from here But we don’t have to be there until the day after touys are big-tih at the door now to at least cover the tour And to pay for your enormous meal," Erik said as he swooped up the bill

Weshow of letting iddy and ired on the coffee, but as we drove through town, it hiton to Spokane and the next fun place I was going back there It was like soot instantly depressed A weirdlike we’d been just a few n in the distance, I felt ee pit in my Denny’s-bloated stomach

"What about you?" Jed asked me as he pulled into the driveway

"What about me?"

"When do you have to be back?"

"Roll call’s at seven, but I should probably be back before it gets light Around six, I guess"

"Do you feel like staying out? Maybe taking a drive? I don’t want to get you busted--"

"No," I interrupted "I lad Me too," he said

When we dropped off Denise and Erik at theI felt sad to see theo but also so excited to be alone with Jed--at least for a few hours

"You hang in there, girl"

"Thanks, Denise I’ll be okay"

"I know you will"

"Here’s a little soh tiie full of pot

"No thanks, Erik"