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I return to Los Angeles, to the life that I thought I&039;d made for myself, heartbroken But while my heart feels weaker than it was before I know that I aer So much more my own person

But even that realization does very little for the fact that at first, I try to avoid anything dealing with or re iant ad for Your Toxic Sequel&039;s new albuazine carousel in the grocery store checkout Photos froo, I&039;d have plucked another azine from the shelf and covered his face, but why bother?

By time Micah, aby our apartment more and more often just to see her, puts on an entire Your Toxic Sequel playlist at a get-together we have, I&039;h to Lucas that I don&039;t even flinch

Brea pulls hi, "You don&039;t play that crappy music here Micah Daniel or I will - "

But I save hi my body between the two of them Even in five inch stilettos I&039;iving her a tight srees a little too fast I give him a sympathetic look as he slinks away Ion or why Tori is bitching at him

It&039;s not Micah&039;s fault Lucas diser at Tori, I say, "Don&039;t be a bitch I can fight my own battles but that" - I nod my head toward the iPod dock on our entertainment center - "is definitely not one of them"

Tori&039;s mouth drops open and she stares atnervously with each other I betfor a stress ball "You&039;re kind of a ball-buster," she says at last, a hesitant s her frown "I don&039;t knohether to kiss you or head butt you"

Then I grab her hand, pull her back to the middle of the floor as fast as her needle heels will carry her And as we hty, sexy proo on easily More attentive than I&039;ve ever been More alert to detail in h to overlook the fact I shut him down - kindly, of course - every ti

Twoback to California, I come home from work to find a letter from Kylie I almost slide it at the bottom of the stack of h She&039;s sent it in a pretty linen envelope and I take care when opening it, so as not to tear through the bold, cursive red ink When I pull the neatly folded square sheet of paper out, so down to the floor and landing right side up

It&039;s a check for 6,800, and it&039;s made out to me

Kylie&039;s written a memo at the bottom left hand corner: 24 hours/day X 8 days25 an hour Thanks

"What&039;s that?" Tori asks, co down at the check, I rub ers back and forth over the thin paper "Kylie Wolfe&039;s sentfor Lucas" Then, I read portions of the actual note aloud "For your trouble" I skip over the part that says GodSienna, please contactAnd don&039;t be prideful and not cash the check You earned it

Tori walks over to the counter and shi her knees, she says, "And she thinks that&039;s supposed to be enough for her brother screwing you over? Dude, you should send that shit back and tell her no thanks"

"I&039; like that but because this o