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"When ent to see your ry with hiive me some peace of mind, but to be honest"

And as Gra everything I leave out the specifics, of course, but she listens, hanging on to every word I have to say I put enthusiasm into my voice; make my actions lively and happy

After I&039;m finished, she holds me close She doesn&039;t ask any h I know they&039;re on her mind and she&039;s fully aware there&039;s so much more to what&039;s happened between s that have ever happened to me"

"I know, Gram I don&039;t knohere I&039;d be without you," Ion for support

A long e As I read it, I&039;ain Or fro my teeth


It&039;s sad that this is what I do for a living and I can&039;t even coain, maybe that&039;s because I&039;ve never had to or wanted to explain my actions before you I know I hurt you I know you ht now, and I&039;m so sorry


I start to just erase it - because really what good does replying do - but then I find e that&039;s just as short but so ivento have to stand up for yourself Noover your head


I don&039;t dwell on what I&039;ve said or read over it 50 times, I just hit send