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There&039;s 750 dollars in , day nine, and I use a little less than half to rent a suy at the rental counter says that I&039;ll get 150 of my money back when I return the car, and all I&039; the Four Seasons To be honest, I can&039;t And believe me, it hurts but I justcan&039;t

I drive around for two hours, unsure of where I should go, what I should do I knohat it&039;s like to be used My e over the years Yet somehow, the few days I spent with Lucas seem like so muchto wake-up Wanting to openhis, I don&039;t even look to see who&039;s callingwhen I lift the receiver to my ear

"Please tell me he didn&039;t," she sobs

A tiny portion of the nu headache Nearly swerve off the road "Why does ither control hirand and then I called him, and"

More of the detach my throat "Sam?" I ask in a hoarse voice I think of her words to u

"She&039;s got so clue what it is but she threatened him She doesn&039;t want him happy She&039;s - "

Sam is the queen of hearts inside of the stopwatch

Sa the shots on Lucas, so he feels he has to call theone now, leaving a nauseating pain in the center of as station and restwheel "Kylie, I&039;ll call you back," I whisper She&039;s still talking, beggingup on her, powering it completely off

And then, the tears finally co is said and done, and after I spend the night feeling sorry for o back to Gram&039;s house Her eyes are damp when shenot to cry too

"You&039;re back," she says, e "Only for a few days"

"I should probably go ahead and tell you that the nener, Mr Wolfe, won&039;t be iven , and her grip tightens around me "Sienna, I knohere you&039;ve been"

My blood runs cold as I lean back slowly, ashaaze "What?"