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Lucas&039;s 7a because we both oversleep The sound of the hotel roos us out of bed at a little after nine I answer the phone, and I&039;reeted by a chilly female voice

"Kylie, put Lucas on the phone, it&039;s Sam"

Sam I try to remember where I&039;ve heard the name and then I realize this is the person Lucas&039;s mother had er And she&039;s a wo the phone until I feel like I&039; it

"I&039;m sorry you - "

"Don&039;t you dare try that I&039; rooodda down at the receiver with a blank expression on his face "It&039;s Sa to elicit so happens and a chill turnsit as tight as I had only moments before "Leave," he says There&039;s no cruelty behind it or any emotion at all, for that matter, but I feel numb as I slide off the bed Leave the roo roo television - some trashy talk show about a woman and the six men ere possibly her "baby&039;s daddy" - but I can still hear bits and pieces of Lucas&039;s conversation with Sam Every snippet that reaches my ears only intensifies the cra this to me," he yells

Then there&039;s silence for a little while I pretend like I&039; at another negative test result I pretend like I&039; on Lucas

"it&039;s nobody, just - " He pauses, and I can hear a guttural noise rip fro you money I&039;ll send you whatever you want, but you can&039;t expect me to do this with you for the rest of my life"

I flinch Is Lucas in so thought cos, just like Sinjin? I wipe sweaty pal, Lucas&039;s shirt

And then, I hear hi that makes me shudder

"You psycho bitch, soet it over with"

Go to who sla on When Lucas comes out of the shower nearly an hour later, there&039;s a blood-stained torapped around his knuckles

"Lucasis everything alright?" I whisper, hesitantly

He gives me a strained s hi out all the questions I have He kisses me like I&039;m his last h he had ht He pulls er into my mouth, between our lips I nibble on the tip of it

Ahim, and carriesstrawberries andhis cock in and out of

And it&039;s there that I come to terms with the fact that I&039;ve fallen in love with Lucas Wolfe

My dress for Cilla&039;s birthday party is the sexiest piece of clothing I&039;ve ever owned It&039;s short and black, made of scalloped lace with a cutout back When Lucas sees ht, my dress will becoet wet just thinking about it

Cilla&039;s party is being held at a swanky night club, and I iuests from Fuse TV and my iPod playlists Any other person would be star struck but I&039;m not I only have eyes for Lucas I playby his side as his personal assistant, but wanting hisonme to almost lose control on the spot