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I get the pleasure of seeing the docu HeLucas on how today needs to go down He gives , but other than that he doesn&039;t saytablet and trying not to roll my eyes, it takes a lot of effort not to point out that nothing about this docu Lucas about how to act around his own parents

And speaking of Lucas&039;s parents

Bitingwhat I should expect I know this is probably soohas happened between us, just as he promised I don&039;t want to make a fool of myself in front of their folks or leave a horrible i, I plan on accepting the rest of his offer Aside frorandmother&039;s house - which I can safely say that I&039;ve done at this point - there&039;s nothing I&039;ve wantedtioes off and I check the e from Kylie Dude, my parents love everyone They liked h their yard if you want and still be okay

A e But really, don&039;t run through their yard naked

Feeling a sudden sense of relief, I take Lucas&039;s hand as he helps me into the limousine that will take us around Atlanta for the day He holdsthe tip of his thumb over my knuckles I flush Stare away

The docu on his pale face, but Lucas shoots him a look The cameraman is the last person to climb inside of the limo Lucas and the creator of the documentary - which I find out is called Rock on the Road - sit on one side of the car, and I sit with the cauy on the other so I won&039;t be seen The whole ti up in Atlanta, he&039;s staring at me and not the cah school over there my freshht side of the street It&039;s a private religious academy, much to my surprise "Took a hit in the balls with a baseball and that shit ended pretty quickly," he adds, rolling his eyes dramatically for the sake of the camera

"What about the est iuy presses

Lucas looks deep in thought, though I have a feeling he&039;s just pretending These questions have more than likely been asked by hundreds of reporters in e Metallica fan I - uh - may have been in a Metallica cover band with Sinjin and Wyatt once upon a tiives rin

The limousine slon to the crawl necessary for residential co to the curb of a brown and white bungalooman who looks like a pint sized version of Kylie cos Lucas, pulling hi her face into his chest she&039;s either been prepped by the docuoes ho towards the second and wondering what kind of past he has here By the obvious affection he has for hisabout his dad in the li other than love towards his parents

"Where&039;s Kylie?" she asks as I take off lasses and take a seat in their cra room on the piano bench "Is she at the hotel?"

"She had an eency trip to take care of in California," Lucas explains easily He winks at me "Don&039;t worry, Ma, she&039;ll be here for Easter"

I bite the inside of ian accent seeically appear when he&039;s with his mom Plus, I think it&039;s sexy as hell that he&039;s alh not to tell her his sister is partying in New Orleans

Mrs Wolfe is just as kind and char to the camera with a natural ease as she boasts about her kids Lucas&039;s dad shows up halfway into the fils me when I introduce myself as Kylie&039;s temporary replacene, did she?" he teases, and I force a grin

The , but I findI have to rerandparents were just as wonderful as anyone else&039;s parents, as I witness Lucas interacting with his folks

So of jealousy at bay

When we leave, both Mr and Mrs Wolfe give et," his ets into the liet in touch with you Said it was - "

"Already taken care of," Lucas tells her, his voice tight, rude His face is drawn into a harsh frown as he hugs his mom one last tis keeping Lucas froularly

Sam is Lucas&039;s version of my Rebecca

When we ditch the camera crew and I have Lucas all to myself in the limo, he tells me to coerly, sliding my bottom down on top of him He splays his hands out on either side of it and bounces ony

"I want you doing that over my face later," he whispers as he squeezes my bottom

"Howand then we&039;ll - "