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Day six begins in what can only be described as a manic frenzy At 6:30 aiven me from Kylie

Hey, babe, what email address did you send Luke&039;s confirht to Atlanta to? Don&039;t see it in the regular email and orried

I should be irritated that she&039;s checking up behind me, but I&039;m more concerned with the fact I have no earthly idea what she&039;s talking about I shoot her a quick texton Fifteen seconds later, the phone vibrates inme and you sent the confirht?" Kylie pleads She sounds half asleep As if to confir the wars over the side of the bed and stretch my toes "No, I didn&039;t Hoas I supposed to know the reservations needed to be h, when I say it out loud, it seeood idea forI have to be the worst assistant ever because the only thing I&039;ve been able to focus on for the last five days was how sexually drawn I aht of the objective thatfor Lucas in the first place Getting Gram&039;s house back

Kylie releases a tiny yelp I hear her headboard thud against the wall, and a low"Go back to sleep," Kylie whispers, doing a horrible job atthe receiver To ?" I suggest, stifling a snort

"Right, housekeeping Siennathis is bad I could&039;ve sworn that I left instructions for you to make the reservation on the list of - "

"You didn&039;t"

She groans as if she&039;s in despair, and I can ih her mess of black and blue hair "I had an awful dream about this, you know? Like I woke up in a cold sweat and freaking out, it was that awful What are we going to do?"

The solution seems simple, but after I start up my cohts, I see why Kylie has contacted e of a major meltdown This is one of thoseat hts left for the day

"I&039;ll have to drive hie at the idea ofthe five hour drive froin his power to get , which in his case, isn&039;t uy - housekeeper - beside of her ain, but I pretend like I don&039;t hear it

"He&039;s not going to be happy," she whispers I hear her shuffling about and aand sirens so - she&039;s s "I mean, after what happened with Sinjin yesterday"

I s hard Wyatt and Cal, Your Toxic Sequel&039;s lead guitarist, had coht for drinks with Lucas None of the mood, but they took down shot after shot as if the world was co to do work in the other room, until Lucas called for me to drive Wyatt and Cal to a strip club to meet up with some of their friends But when I dropped them off, Wyatt had pulled me aside

"The way Lucas looks at youdon&039;t fuck him over, okay? You fuck with hiirls but I know chicks that&039;ll beat your ass for uess he knew very little about the solo albu to release or if he did, he didn&039;t say anything I ca down

"Really? You&039;re threatening to have so You rockers are so sensitive"

"And very protective of our careers," he&039;d said, as he fished his ID out of his wallet and approached the door to the club Turning on his heel for a second, he says, "Have fun in Atlanta"

"Sienna? Hey, Sienna? Are you listening to a word I&039; my attention back to the present

"Yeah, I&039; to et back to you in a few, okay? Bye," I say in one breath I hang up before she has a chance to start fretting again

But in the end, before Lucas is up two hours later, it&039;s Kylie who saves the day She sends ed to charter toLucas When I see the cost of the flight, I&039;h for Tori and I to pay all of our expenses for a good three or four e of plans or the amount of money Kylie spent when he calls me in to eat breakfast with hi coffee He eats fresh fruit, his eyes locked intensely onat me like that, Mr Wolfe?"

He slides a chunk of cantaloupe between his lips, leaving thes to try and squeeze the want away "Remember that time I ate strawberries with you on the iant sip The hot liquid rushes down ue back and forth between my teeth "God, I wish I re you sit perfectly still," he says, his hazel eyes gleaers, rown addicted to the way you taste, Red"

I feel the throb deep inside of uess, you don&039;t plan to do any of that until I say the word, right?"

"You&039;re so fucking sia - which, really, is over before it even begins He sits sideways, taking up two seats and writing in his notebook Every once in a while he glances up at- if it&039;s about h his mind every time his eyes settle on me There&039;s soand I&039;es my presence when the jet lands, as we prepare to co overhair away froh his hair He trails his lips down oing to be so hard"

"What?" I pant, as his finger - fingers - slide between ently barearound you, knowing you&039;re so close to beco able to fuck or taste or have you whenever I please because the next few days are so hectic"

"There&039;s always our hotel," I say, stroking rabbingthem over my head "Yesthere&039;s always that"