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I spend the rest of the night alternating between tossing and turning and hatingLucas was between the sheets withdown, I clio, and stand under the streaainst the tile wall The heat is uncomfortable - in fact, it burns - but it&039;s helping the vo the hell out of my skull Today, I&039;ll need -Wolfe

What the hell was I thinking when I asked hi h nore it I&039;m more concerned at the way I&039;d melted in Lucas&039;s hand - literally And I hate ht now I&039; hi cold and the bathroom is a cloud of stea a thick towel aroundThere&039;s a text

Meetings all day Wake ht now Fuckon a pair of shorts and a t-shirt then speed walk upstairs to the roo in The door to his roo playing softly on his iPod dock It&039;s fitting for how torn he er for a ot five days left, and three those will be spent out of town on the go If I can&039;t hold it together for a week then I&039;m screwed all around

Every blanket is at the foot of the bed, in a black pool of fabric He&039;s sprawled across theover him like a creeper and his text explicitly said to wake hiet over how a

I have a full view of the tattoos covering his back, and my hands drift over them as I study each one carefully I decide my favorite is the stopwatch tattoo at the bottom of the piece - inside of the watch is a queen of hearts I&039;ve never seen a tattoo like it, and I decide there must be a story behind it A dare froirl who broke up with him

That&039;d explain why he&039;s such a dick half the tiroans into his pile of pillows and ht there - I&039;ll roll over for you"

Startled, I bolt straight up, but he catches my wrists, pulls me onto the bed and on top of hie of spontaneously coainst ht in the piano roo me away I feel my pulse in my throat, my body teuides my face down until it&039;s a mere inches away from his

For what see into each other&039;s eyes while I straddle his erection Does he realize that I&039; ertips are entwined in ainst mine I can barely function?

I&039;d be a liar and a coward if I didn&039;t adht," he whispers He traces his fingertips down the right side of my cheek, his stroke feather soft The shape of an "L" - like he&039;s branding iveness?"

"No" He groans, racing his large hands from my face, to my shoulders, and finally to the small of my back This closes the little bit of space left between us, and when he shifts to get co a douchebag It&039;s just - you fuck withman I roll ently between his teeth

"The next five days don&039;t have to blow," he points out, cuppingin my throat I can think of several ways to keep our week civil and most of them involve us in this position - or si between us Only sweat

"They will if you&039;re doing that toto the events froht He chuckles The expression sends a warive in right now"

"Why not just sex? Why does it have to be co into me He lifts his head a little and his hair falls into his eyes Autoers and kisses them, one by one "Because I want you to subood subives ain but this tiives my bottootta be at the studio by 10, so get dressed"

Another order, but at least I won&039;t be stuck in this house all day answering Lucas&039;s fan ood majority of his emails were frantic demands from fans about the chick he was filmed in the bar with

Despite the tenderness of the last fifteen rit ht on it, Mr Wolfe"

"Your teeth," he warns in a lo, and I stop grinding them Just as I reach the door, he says, in a voice that has dropped an octave, "That thing you said about not being a very good submissive?"


"You will be"

Lucas&039;s words play like a song on repeat as I get dressed Since he didn&039;t specify e&039;re doing after the studio, I opt for a vintage-looking polka dot dress It&039;s cute and when I plucked it off the shelf a couple days ago, I instantly thought of Kylie It&039;s definitely more her style than mine, so I snap a picture of myself in the bathroom mirror and send her a text Then I dab onred hair loose

Not because Lucas always tells me to wear my hair down

Of course not

While I wait for Lucas to call for e froes fro - don&039;t have sex with Lucas - but the last one one the extra e into one of those eCards she sendsbadly at work It&039;s a picture of soroped and the caption reads:

May your atte smashed over your head Which head is open for debate

Shaking e: Be nice Hope you&039;re being good Miss you like crazy, you beautiful girl, and thanks again for listening to e, but soe It&039;s Kylie

Kylie Martin: Loved the dress! I see Lucasyou well?

Me: Besides bossingme his submissive?

Kylie Martin:I could&039;ve lived without knowing half of that

I snort She had asked how her brother was treatingback considering she&039;s already fully aware of all his vices?

Kylie Martin: Look on the bright side - 5 more days and I&039;ll be back, your job will be done, AND you&039;ll be able to give your grande everbe easy when being around Lucas a or did it happen once he became famous? Was there ever a point in his life where he wasn&039;t so dyna: Gram is the only person I would put reed to this arrangement to save my own place because of all the physical and eot five days left

Me: Yeah, real simple

Kylie Martin: Got to run Tell Lucas I said be nice to you - well, as nice as he&039;s capable of Text s off before I can ask her about Lucas&039;s obsession with being dominant over me, but even if I had asked her, I&039;m pretty sure she wouldn&039;t answer Kylie seems to stay as far away from her brother&039;s kink as I do with

I curlhi whether or not I should call hirandmother instead The voicemail box picks up