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Lucas and I argue for what seeether alo pick up his dinner By time I return from the part of toe&039;ve just cao out to Jessica&039;s parents&039; bar

I&039;ve got to give hiuise And I have a feeling that&039;s all thanks to the fact that in Los Angeles, he doesn&039;t get to enjoy the peace he&039;s found in Nashville During the video shoot for "All Over You" there were daily incidents of fangirls (and fanboys) finding ways to sneak themselves on set to try and hook up with members of the band, not to mention the diehard Your Toxic Sequel fans who&039;d caliht, Lucas is wearing his usual jeans, but instead of boots, he&039;s got on old school Converse shoes A black and white Henley covers every last one of his tattoos His messy hair is covered by an oversized black beanie and he&039;s wearingglasses Nerdy ones at that

I stand at the door to his office for a ht of hilasses

"Borrowed fro his head jerk up toward me He bites his bottolasses, I mean"

He beckonsthe Styrofoam platter of food on the desk Up close to hilasses have to be - hands down - the sexiest thing I&039;ve ever seen hihted bitch"

"You lookrocker geek"

Tilting his head to one side, he considers what I said for a rin "You&039;re not going to take pics and send them to the paparazzi, are you?" he teases

"Only if you&039;re doing this to humiliate my friend&039;s boyfriend," I say "You&039;re not, are you?"

He&039;s on his feet and towering over me an instant later, his eyes unreadable "I&039;d never hurt my fans There the reason I&039; But to answer your questionI&039;ve got a soft spot for cover bands"

"Why?" I ask

"Google&039;s your friend," he says, winking at et dressed - your clothes are on your bed"

I o and do what he&039;s asked? This is the first time he&039;s issued me a command where my mind automatically compelled htens et ary smile when I say his name

He rakes his teeth over his bottom lip, and then blows a stray strand of hair away fro about it, aren&039;t you? We&039;re only three days in, and you already want to give in to htest hint of- yes - but so full of proers curl around the wood

"If I did?" I whisper breathlessly

He thinks for a rantsthrough me "At this point I&039;m not sure if I&039;d fuck you or spank you with that druned sticks on the opposite end of the desk "Maybe both Maybe just tie you to a chair and taste you &039;til you can&039;t move or think or breathe"

"And after?"

"There are seven more days," he reminds me "There&039;s so much I can teach you, so much we can do, and after that"

I roll my eyes, but I can&039;t deny that he&039;s affectedat netic, irresistible effect "I&039;ood," I say

"For now"

"No, for - " In twenty years if you ask me who initiated the kiss, I still wouldn&039;t be able to tell you It&039;s that sudden, that breathtaking, and all-consu the outline of them - once, twice, a third time and then once more I cry out and s are tre so violently He h to send e I splay ertips into the soft fabric of shirt, into his skin, and pulling him to my body

His hands are locked behind his head because he&039;s so deter before he uses theue probes the space between theainst his Yet he still doesn&039;ts his ently between my teeth He winces asit Then a sexy smile creeps across his face "You a biter, Red?"

He knows I hate it when he calls otten me too flustered to coainst the side of hischin I draw his lower lip between aze up into his hazel eyes "Is it really inescapable - thisus?" I challenge, running my hands down the front of his chest He trembles

"Always has been"

Our ht the te the places he touched et dressed - no shower, leave your hair down Don&039;t even think about fucking yourself"

I turn to leave the office and go toover ain, my voice so low I can barely even hear myself "Why&039;d you remember me? Why when you fucked so many of the others?"

"Because you&039;re the one I didn&039;t"

A fewoninto the bathroom at the bathtub I&039;ve been forbidden to use, I decide I&039;m satisfied with his response

Before I leave the bedroom, I let my hair fall loose

Jessica&039;s parents&039; bar - a little dive called The Beacon - is filled to capacity when Lucas and I show up I&039;m ready to turn around and head back to the Cadillac when the big, red-bearded doorman tells us we&039;ll have to wait, but Lucas shakes his head "Get us in now," he says

Of course that&039;s an easy order for hiive All he&039;s done since we stepped out of the vehicle is shove his hands into the back pockets of his jeans and look down at the ground so as not to be noticed He was right when he swore up and down that nobody would recognize hih He exudes shyness, the coly similar to myself

"You should be in movies," I hiss as I stalk back toward the door with him in tow "Mr - "