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Lucas doesn&039;t wait until the evening to get the list of training instructions to me The email shows up in my inbox rapidly, less than a couple hours after I send Kylie a Facebook e withwith a short note that les and my nipples harden with excitement

Miss Jensen,

As pro instructions Look over the

Can&039;t say I&039; forward to the next several days I&039;ve already got this vivid idea of how you&039;ll taste after you&039;ve said the words How you&039;ll feel when I&039;ined it yet?


Without thinking, I reply and ask hi employed by a cocky rockstar He responds while I&039; instruction attachment

Why? Do you feel inti to I feel drawn to Lucas I know for a fact I shouldn&039;t allow ive in to s where there&039;s no possibility of a happy ending Even if anted to be together for so more than sex, it&039;s impossible thanks to his career and the steady influx of women he comes in contact with That&039;s what&039;s so da about him

I&039;m shocked to discover that Lucas&039;s "list" is in reality a e Word docu than erab a bottle of water and an apple from the kitchen, and set up shop in the family room I placeevery word carefully, I study the instructions laid out for rows more and more flushed, until it&039;s hot to the touch

When Lucas said he wantsYou will live withfor approximately 10 days, which includes but is not li out of town business," I read aloud in a soft whisper "You will be provided your own room"

My chest clenches up because I realize that I&039;ll have to say a teoodbye to Grah, I re her face when I slide the deed to the house into her hands and tell her she doesn&039;t have to worry about having to move

"You will consent to carry an electronic tablet for the purpose of note-taking and a cell phone provided to you by es in a tiive this number out to personal acquaintances" A special cell phone and iPad? JustI shake my head incredulously "While you are in my service, you will awaken no later than 7ae, there&039;s information on my public uniform - all black, either pants or dress, it&039;s h I&039;m not sure why that matters - and private and public protocol I&039;e and my heart beats a little faster as I whisper, "Sir"

On the final page, the fourth page, the training is broken down into categories and what&039;s expected of me: Physical and Mental and Verbal

Personal appearance and concentration and speech restriction Under no circuh I&039;ve never seen a paparazzo in Nashville and the last thing I want to do is seek theory is Punishle instruction to be found beneath the heading save for three words that send a trill of excite ories are Sexual Training and Eh both, but I wish he&039;d siether because they give hts that makehim that I&039;ve read over the instructions and will follow the that would alle if the situation were any different

On the last Your Toxic Sequel albu on the CD was called "Your Master" I remember the first ti on a radio station that censored a quarter of the lyrics, and how Lucas&039;s every other word et in h this list of instructions and changing every reference to himself from "Your Master" to what&039;s currently in front of me

Because , leaving me to wonder who the hell he wrote it about in the first place

I lie to

It&039;s the third time this trip that I&039;ve deliberately lied to her, the third ti with Lucas make me be dishonest with the one person I&039;ve always been upfront with, and I feel like shit when I do I convince ood, and it&039;s better to let her believe so else entirely than tothe sa with Lucas&039;s deal a few hours ago, I immediately picked up the phone to call her As soon as she picked up, though, I froze She&039;s been warning ue and sure enough, one of the first things she asked was if "Shithead" had been in touch again

I told her he hasn&039;t but made a pro that&039;s happened during this trip the ht home to California At least then I&039;ll be able to explain the motives behind my decision face to face instead of over a bad connection

"And you&039;re sure your boss needs you back already?" Gra across the narrow trail at me

I take a few more steps forward so I don&039;t have to meet her stare and let the cold wind slap me in the face before I continue with irl has gotten ridiculously sick and it&039;s io back so nobody ends up jobless"

It took me half an hour to come up with a story that made sense and couldn&039;t be easily ripped to shreds if Seth decided to stop being lazy and do some research Once I had my lie prepared, it had takenin front ofOnce I was prepared, I convinced Gra ith me

"That&039;s a sha to take both your places for a little while"

I rush to reassure her "It&039;s totally fine, Gram - it&039;s just that wardrobe is such a picky business and my boss is Well, he&039;s To, okay? I&039;ll be back here to help you here before anything else is done to this place"

Mouthing a silent "Ah", she nods her head understandingly "You do so much for everyone else, Sienna"