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There&039;s not ives ain I ask to be taken horant e and true to her word, she comes back to the fondue restaurant to drive me back She chats nervously to o traffic on West End I&039;m hesitant to talk She&039;ll only turn around and snitch to Lucas If I say anything to her, every word that comes out of myon ht now

Releasing an exasperatedthe rock song that&039;s blasting through the SUV off in the ? Cuss me out and call nore hter, sh, even though I grew up around sh school "My ex-husband used to do that ignoring shit, and it sucks Bad," Kylie tellsin common because Preston used the sae my resolve I press the side of ether

"You don&039;t understand how Lucas gets when he wants so like he wants you," she continues once she realizes I&039;ve got no intention of talking to her

So it&039;s her job to go out and herd the submissive redhead in? Wonderful Doesn&039;t she understand that I&039;ers for and have? That it&039;s wrong for hiiventhat I hold dear over my head?

At last, Kylie turns the SUV onto the private drive to get tothe Escalade halfway down the driveway, as she did at the beginning of this evening, she drops rabs rip What ith their fahts, and I turn halfway in the leather seat to look at her Kylie&039;s gorgeous - in an untraditional way - but right now her face looks 20 years older with the way her features are all bunched up in distress

Maybe I shouldn&039;t have ignored her

Then I ad that This is the second ti Kylie and if this ti like the first, she&039;s about to punch ina

"Just hear me out," she says, her voice steely The hardness doesn&039;t reach her brown eyes "There shouldn&039;t even be a question of whether or not you&039;ll do this Luke can be a jerk - I&039;ll be the first to ad you an ass load of money to spend 10 days with him I don&039;t know the specific ter for him, and God, I don&039;t ever want to know, but it has to be worth all this" She releases estures up at the house

"I&039; like that"

She scoffs, shaking her head from side to side "You&039;re only what you make yourself And just so you know, if you were that,you He&039;s got ive him credit for"

Her words botheranxiously over the soft flesh My thu, but it&039;s nothing co in my throat Reluctantly, she dips her head toward the door

"You kno to get in touch with ot questions, okay?"

I step out of the car, letting the crisp February air kiss my skin I breathe in the scent of exhaust and chirandthe car door quietly behind ain, but I hear the Escalade backing away and the angry pulse of heavy metal that&039;ll probably burst her ear drums before she reaches the o inside, so I resta few tears fall Gathering hts

What just happened? I alht outside ofto discover that I&039;et oes into convulsions

But then I hear the strains of the television from inside the house - Graust of air hit the spot on o Sighing, I let myself into the cabin and lock the doors behindmy head into the family room

"You sound like you used to when you ca at me She&039;s in her recliner across the roo my hardest toher glasses, I&039;d be screwed "Did you have a good tih "Tori is the roommate, Graetting up so early thisto head up to shower and read for a bit Do you need anything before I go to bed?"

Clearing her throat, her se to say Did he say anything to her about what he and I talked about early today? It&039;s just like Seth to change his mind about a confrontation and try to wheedle a confession out of Gra tomorrow," she says, and I ful of air, and stares down at her hands "I&039;ve told hi as I have you tith me"

"Always, Gram," I say My feet auto hug Then, I kiss her cheek, being cautious not to look her in the eyes I don&039;t want her to see where I&039;ve been crying "Night"

As I cli a hundred pounds right along with me I sit in the shoiththe hot water to serve as a diversion fro that happened in the fondue restaurant and how confused hehis nahten

I don&039;t stop the water until I&039;, fro, listening to the shrill ping of water dripping fro onto the porcelain

I&039; by time I crawl into bed but my body is on fire

And sleep - it doesn&039;t co into the shower is gone Now I&039; other than an object he can easily win

I wake up to es from Tori My best friend is worried because I haven&039;t called or texted and she&039;s afraid I&039;ve fallen prey to Lucas&039;s char true, I co her know that I&039; about Lucas because even 2,000 ot an insane ability of picking up on a concerning situation

Once I&039;e, I hit send Ale notification, this one froe is si you through that


It takes ure out what to say to her Finally, I send her a short, but pleasant, e that reads: Don&039;t sweat it, I&039;e into a pair of skinny jeans and a dolrab my boots from the floor and walk barefooted downstairs Gra breakfast and Seth&039;s with her

"Goodmy brother is here, I have to double-check the time on my cell phone It&039;s 15 minutes until 9am I wasn&039;t aware that Seth even knew there were hours between two in the"You&039;re up early"

"You don&039;t look happy to seea baseball cap and a faded Polo shirt, and I&039;e ore tiny shorts and boat shoes year-round

"Of course I a my eyes back and forth between Gra to corandht before I sulked up to my room, and I thunk ?"

They nod in unison

"You hung over, Si?" Seth asksin out so that I can put lare at him He holds his hands up in front of hi one ofboots ontohim out for the empty Jose Cuervo bottle I found in his center console, but then Grae There&039;s no need to upset her just because I&039;m irritated with Seth

Of course,force behindit, I&039;ed to ether - I don&039;t want to i to my head and heart and body in the course of ten days, like he&039;s proposing