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As soon as the sense of feeling reenters my lower body, I bolt up out of the booth Since I&039; in pain and bowing over in hus back and forth between Lucas and his sister In order forto have to move out of the way Kylie&039;s face is still downturned She&039;s not able to see the glare I&039; adirectly at orgeous, a I want and everything I fear

I will be sohieneral

"Please takeevery word I&039; out just so Lucas could have dinner with o to bed with him afterward Butfor it and being optih to hope that she really did have a solution to saving the house

I feel like a complete fool

"Kylie, please?" I whisper

The few people sitting in the tables around us have pretty iven up on theirin toward us hoping to get a gli on A lover&039;s quarrel, perhaps? Or a irlfriend to come hoirlfriend?

I try to tell myself I don&039;t care what those people think of the situation because I&039;ll never see the myselfthe it was Lucas&039;s neck between theh, not very likely that will ever happen I have better luck getting my wish that the floor will open up and shole

"Sit down, Sienna," Lucas ordersin a deep inhale through rip the leather back of the booth in one hand and the edge of the table in the other

"Please move so I can leave"

He bends his head down tou earlier "For once, do as you&039;re told before you shoot yourself in the foot"

I gawk at Kylie, who&039;s as flushed as I a down at her phone Maybe she feels awful for luringlike her brother, she&039;sand the people who are pretending not to watch us than about hurting my pride I shouldn&039;t have fallen for her act with Grae of character

Quietly, I lower ers at Lucas all the while He croons soerously like "that&039;s irl", and then slides in next to me The further I slip into the curved booth, the closer he co because there&039;s no use trying to put any more space between the two of us I&039;ht on top of Kylie I irl

Lucas has got th of his body hot and hard and extreainst my side

If I just listen to what he has to say then I&039;ll be able to leave and forget this night ever happened

Yeahright after he fucks with ht after he tries to convince me to screw him

My skin prickles all over

"You&039;ll be across the street?" Lucas questions Kylie When she says she will, h she sold me out, I don&039;t want her to leave She&039;s the one who got ht to skip out?

"You can&039;t go," I say, uilty, almost sad, smile

"Sorry, Sienna, but this one&039;s between the two of you I&039;ll be the one to take you hoivepat but I knock thes she&039;s wearing nicks the tip of my thumb and I press it between my teeth

"Thanks" I say to Kylie, the word muffled Not that it matters because I don&039;t mean it

Lucas clears his throat, and she ducks her head, shi out of the booth "I&039;lances back once, before she disappears froht, but I pretend not to see her I know it&039;s childish but being an adult has gotten me nowhere in this situation

"God, you look like sin," Lucas says as I pull e in his voice sends a cold thrill racing through me, from the toes of my black pu red hair into a messy up-do My eyes flutter shut and silently, I countdown from 20

It won&039;t takeI can call a cab, or God forbid, Seth I shouldn&039;t stay here with Lucas because he&039;s about as bad for my mental health as I am for his music

17, 16, 15

But if I just leave without hearing him out, I&039;ll see around hi that part of me that can&039;t resist him really is And I want to think that he can&039;t use that against me, but he can Lucas is the type ill exploit any weakness to get what he wants

7, 6, 5

No, I won&039;t leave Not until I find out -

His fingertips tangle intoto the tabletop and onto the seat in a quick, gentle motion My red hair spills into my face, around my shoulders, and both of us suck in our breaths at the sa hair"

"What do want fro his head so that his lips touch ain When he does, he almost sounds intoxicated "But for nowI want you to work for me"

He draws back and puts a - dare I say - professional amount of room between us I&039;etables have been cleared away and now there&039;s a salad sitting in front of us I was so wrapped up in the moment with Lucas that I hadn&039;t noticed the server&039;s return

Da ain

And fuckhim Why do I do this to myself?

Lucas spears a fork into his salad and takes a bite I study the way he chews - slow, deliberate ue that causesthat is so basic, into a seductive art I catch ine hi you Ms Previn&039;s hoe for yourservices Ten days My rules And you have to cater to n over the deed to your grandgishly, like spoiled molasses Let the sha my face away fro to spill down my cheeks and ruin the makeup I so carefully applied

He catchesives ers into the fabric of ht off "I never said you were Just took you for the type who likes to work for the things she wants"