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Less than an hour after I accept Kylie&039;s friend request, ets the best of me What does she le word reply that si indicates that I&039;ve received a brand newthe fitnessmiserably because I&039;e) on top of ether as Kylie sends es

Kylie Martin: Hot to tell you is probably so that should best be said in person and not online Are you free this evening?

I wait to answer because the instant

Kylie Martin: I can pick you up at, say, 7pritty details over dinner My treat Order the most expensive prime rib on the damn menu, if you want It&039;s on Lucas&039;s dime

This time, I don&039;t i that chafesLucas&039;s money to do so It h I know that&039;s ridiculous I&039;m sure his assistant takes other people out on all sorts of dinner and lunch dates, swiping Lucas&039;s credit card at as o, tonight won&039;t be any different

Except for the glaring fact that it so obviously is different

Kylie Martin: Just letin the next hour, by 6pe of my bed The mattress dips down a tad in that particular spot and IClutching the sides of the laptop, I stare at the es at the bottom of the computer screen I can&039;t look away, even when the words start to blur into one another and all I&039; swirl of blue and white and black

Does Kylie genuinely know soht delay the foreclosure? But even if she does, ould she betray her boss like that to helptime - at least a couple years - and I&039;m no one special to her Other than this afternoon, I&039;ve only met her one other time in my entire life and we hadn&039;t had much to talk about other than the usual pleasantries

Then, another possible reason behind Kylie&039;s invitation cohts shift to a co et ? Like Lucas and those two contractors coo over where to put the gaudy house he&039;llin teeks or how much of Gram&039;s cabin they should keep around for firewood

A frustrated noise escapes ers to the coe in record time

Why can&039;t you just tell me now? I demand

For five minutes, Kylie doesn&039;t answer, but I see the little notification letting e box I&039;ertips on the flat space on either side of thenoise coursing tiny prickles through ot to be the worst in the history of awful nervous habits It&039;s one that I picked up as a kid after e that not even relaxation a have been able to control or stop

If Tori could see um and tell me that my teeth will be nubs by the time I&039;m 40

I&039;m so irritable today I&039;d probably throw one of Tori&039;s many stress balls at her head Or five or six of the to do it in person If it&039;s not tonight or by to

She&039;s givinga li out to dinner with her, and I don&039;t like it one bit Ever since e, I&039;ve tried hard to avoid people who do that to me because it&039;s too reh school anted to control everything I did

Preston had had different de or another every other day, and each one was soe his h By the tis withback at the situation noas

I still anore the bevy of e about I don&039;t love him Tori says I probably never did and just went out with him because ofin the center ofback memories and exasperation and the sense of defeat, I send Kylie a reply: I don&039;t like being bullied any iven a couple hours to decide so

Kylie fires back a response seconds later It&039;s just dinner - it&039;s not like I&039;nant with my blue-haired love child and come live with us in Paris, you know? Like I wrote you before, I knoay you can save your grandmother&039;s house You just have totrust ingout a one-handed reply It&039;s only a feords, but it takes me a couple minutes and several tries toidiot I feel like right now

Where and what ti wherever she is because she immediately writes Yay! About a minute later, she adds, Fondue Oh God, please tell me you love fondue? After I respond positively she types one last comment:

Kickass - Fondue it is, then I&039;ll pick you up at your place at seven, and I proht See, I&039;et to second base Catch up with you soon!

I send Kylie a couplefor casual or formal dress and whether she can park at the end of the driveway so Gram doesn&039;t see her, but she doesn&039;t answer either of them I startle when I hear the front door slam It rattles the bookshelf in the corner ofmy neck on a pair of tall boots I left in the rand in the driveway, backed in so that the open trunk is closest to the house

I heave a sigh of relief

A moment later, Gram yells up the stairs in a noticeably tired voice, "Sienna?"

"I&039; my feet into a pair of flip-flops

I reach the foyer as Gras of groceries Quickly, I scoop them out of her hands where the plastic has started to rateful look

"I stopped and picked up some food for you so you won&039;t starve to death while you&039;re here All your favorites, and I&039;ll even cook thehtly

I can see into the back of her SUV fros in the trunk alone, not to ht be in the backseat I feel a swell inher house and having to spend money to relocate soot the funds to do things like stock a house with the foods I enjoy

Instead of pointing this out to Gra her about where she&039;s been, I ive her hand a tiny squeeze

"Thanks, Gra as possible, I add "You haven&039;t cooked in, what? A year or two ago, when Seth was still in high school?"

Gram lets out a throaty chuckle "You&039;re worth it"

I insist she take a breather in the faive ly It&039;s so obvious that she&039;s dead tired, so I try hard to remain as quiet as feasibly possible so I won&039;t bother her while she rests

Unloading the bags is a roceries at the store up the street when I was in high school I&039;es of cart-racing withwardrobe racks on the set of Echo Falls with Vickie, the other wardrobe assistant

If I ever got the nerve to do soital clock on the stove catches my eye 5:45 I&039;ll be with Kylie soon, and there&039;s a chance - albeit not a very strong one - that I&039;ll knohat to do to make sure this house stays in Gra roorand and falling "Head out with a friend," I whisper Turning to leave, I notice a balled up piece of paper in the corner of the doorway I stoop down and pick it up, unraveling it It&039;s the grocery receipt fro expedition But it&039;s not the amount of money she has spent that roceries were purchased in

Bowling Green, Kentucky, which is an hour drive from Nashville

It&039;s the halfway point between here and the prison in Lexington that houses my er - God knows I&039;ve experienced all three emotion and often at once when it comes to Mom in the past As I fold the receipt into tiny, even squares, though, the only thing I feel is a sharp pang in the middle of my chest

Kylie arrives early - a quarter &039;til seven, when I&039;iant silver Cadillac SUV She e because she parks halfway up the drive and gets out of the car As she practically skips toward the house, and into the path of the hts, I decide she looks like the Stay Puft Marshly white parka and with her short, black and blue hair poking out from beneath a slouchy white crochet hat Tennessee&039;s not that cold

She pauses in the circular ay, tilts her head up until her dark eyesle ers back at her Why the hell is she so friendly when she hardly knowsher hand and disappears under the covered wraparound porch The doorbell rings

Ah, shit! I should&039;ve stopped her because of Grarand to face down Lucas&039;s assistant, I speed down the steps I&039;m too late My feet hit the final stair just in ti Graiving her accusing looks or asking her politely to leave, so I&039;uard Then I realize that Kylie wasn&039;t in court yesterday Gram apparently has never had the chance to meet her, but now that she has, she&039;s char her blush hardcore

Lucas&039;s assistant&039;s sugary act is really starting to freak me out

"Um, Gram, this is Kylie, she&039;s - " There&039;s no way I can introduce her as Lucas&039;s assistant I shoot Kylie a pleading look