Night World : Huntress (Night World 7)

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Night World : Huntress (Night World 7)
Author: LJ Smith
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Huntress (Night World Book 7) Jez Redfern is unique She&39;s a vampire hunterwho&39;s half vairl with fiery hair and silvery-blue eyes was the undisputed leader of a gang of vampire raiders Then came the discovery that shattered her life - her mother was a hu huht World But when Circle Daybreak sends her on a search for one of the legendary Wild Powers, Jez has to rejoin her old gang They want her back -- especially Morgead, the gorgeous green-eyed vampire who used to be her second-in-coh Davis, the huead swears he&39;s her soul to lure her back to the old ways With danger and temptation around, Jez finds herself irresistibly drawn to hiain, she&39;ll become the evil huntress she once was